Claiming AIR rewards from Kusama crowdloan

Awesome, this is really helpful.
Clover worked fine for the contribution of crowd loan process. The problem is transferring my clover Ed25519 keypair seed phrase to Polkadot js. Polkadot js only supports Sr25519 keypair seed phrase.

I will contact clover support. Thank you for your help. God bless.

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This is not true that polkadot work only with SR25519 account type.
You can use soft or hard derivation path.

2 days ago I helped one user to import his account from parity signer to Polkadot via Derivation path!

Polkadot-JS Apps Standard* User-Defined BIP32 sr25519, ed25519, secp256k

As you can see ED25519 is supported



I will check this out. Thank you.

Check this one too.
Feel free to contact me. I will do my best :wink:

checked this, Polkadot js extension does not support Ed25519

Hello. When I claimed the rewards, an error occurred and the Altairs were not transferred to my account. Could you tell me how to fix this problem or what steps should I take?

Hi Mauro. Did you check the forum thread below for troubleshooting?

If your account is “injected” (created with Polkadot.js extension), try to set the chain of your account to “Kusama relay chain” instead of “Allow use on any chain” in the extension. Then go to the claim page again, refresh and try to claim.

If your account is of type “sr25519” (created directly on the portal), try to use the instructions @Tjure07 gave you in the response above :point_up_2:

These two solutions have solved 95% of the issues.

Please can we claim Altair from Kucoin Exchange?

No, you will have to wait for KuCoin to distribute them to you - contact them directly if you have any questions. They will be able to distribute them to you when AIR is transferable after Runtime Upgrade 4 which is the next upgrade in the Altair network.

Thank’s for help! I already claimed