Centrifuge Governance Call #11 2022-11-23 16:00 UTC / 18:00 CET

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Governance is how the owners of the protocol decide what to do and build, next.

As the leading RWA protocol, good governance is crucial, and our ability as a DAO to discuss, prioritise govern and execute will enable us to achieve the mission of unlocking economic opportunity.

Core contributors are effectively shaping the future of RWAs and tokenized assets on chain via governance.

The Gov Call is facilitated by the Governance & Coordination group and specifically @Rhano. Their suggested agenda for this week is:

All attendees receive our monthly POAP giveaway! :dizzy:

JOIN (anyone is welcome, councilors and candidates strongly encouraged)

:point_right: Use the zoom link

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Looking forward to your comments and thoughts on what else we should cover and any points you want to make on agenda points to get the ball rolling :volleyball: :bowling:



:white_check_mark: proposal passed
:x: proposal not passed


Since last governance call:

:white_check_mark: Proposal for new Governance Process and Framework
:white_check_mark: Accept the Moonbeam and Statemint’s HRMP open channel request to Centrifuge
:white_check_mark: Increase the number of bridge relayers
:white_check_mark: Send XCM to Polkadot to accept Moonbeam’s HRMP request
:white_check_mark: Onboarding the first five collators on Centrifuge
:x: Distribution of unclaimable CFG rewards
:white_check_mark: Reset Bridge transfer fees


Since last governance call:

No proposals since last call.


:hourglass_flowing_sand: You can see all on-going proposals on both Centrifuge and Altair here .

This spreadsheet shows you what steps the proposals are at and which proposals require voting right now.


@Rhano How do we collect the POAP ?

The link to collect the POAP will be shared in the call. For questions you can contact the process owner @DrCAO

Hey mate, towards the end of the call, we will inform about how to get the POAP. I think @DrCAO is working on a way to do the process automatically (currently, they are distributed manually).

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I know the guy ah ah !!!

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By the way, the time is wrong :x:
Written # [16:00 UTC / 18:00 CET]
But CET is UTC +1 (CEST is UTC +2), so 16:00 UTC = 17h00 CET. So the meeting is now.

But when i add it to the calendar, it says in 1h, so 17h00 UTC or 18h00 CET

Oh…Damn. After switching the time UTC changed from +2 to +1…
Oh You are right.
18-00 CET Time.

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