2022-03-17 Centrifuge Community Call #23 | Altair NFT Playground Special

It’s that time again!! And this is going to be a big one.

The Community Call will feature the NFT Playground

The NFT Playground is launching soon on Altair and we want to give our dear community members the first sneak peak. True to the ethos of our beloved Altair, it’s a little crazy, it’s a little experimental and the potential is HUGE — NFTs are core to our mission to build an ecosystem of Real World DeFi.

NFT Playground is not trying to be OpenSea (I mean, why would we), but it does hold a lot of possibilities for the financing of experimental assets on Altair.

In this call:

  • Product Manager Solomon will intro and demo the NFT Playground
  • Our designer Araya will show you some of the stunning early work that will be featured.
  • @devvy from Marketing will talk about the plan and let you know how you can help out.
  • We’ll have a special guest artist

Join us as part of the Centrifuge Community in this special Altair Call this Thursday 17th March at 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST

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Ways to Join
:point_right:Join with Zoom (passcode 779724 )
:point_right: Add to your calendar

Anyone welcome. See you there! :v:



for some reason the calendar event showed up in my calendar as march 17 3am est instead of noon.

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Just make sure you join the call Thursday 17th March at 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST

It starts then for everyone

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Hey thanks for spotting that - I have changed it to 6pm (it was 6am)


This is gonna be a fun one!

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