2021-03-18 Community Call #8 - The Centrifuge COMMUNITY 🙏 🥳

The Centrifuge Community is full of amazing people!

We want to get to know you more and you, us. Let’s start talking about the potential for this community and how we can step into more self organizing decentralization.

Join us for this interactive call where you will hear about an exciting pool opportunity - @FortunaFi as well as sharing your opinions and ideas on the Centrifuge project with members of the Centrifuge team.

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Hosted by : Kate Beecroft and Helena Flack
Feat: Nick, Lucas, Cassidy, Martin, Dylan, Jason, Ashmeet and most importantly all of YOU!


  • Welcome: Stepping into a self organizing, decentralized community
  • Updates: Community bounties and missions
  • Gratitude: Key community members :pray:
  • Input: Your chance to give crucial input about the Centrifuge project

See you there!

:seedling: :partying_face:

Call Recording

The Centrifuge Community is full of amazing people and this call was all about you :). We talked about what Centrifuge means to the community, and what inspires and interests them about the project and we also heard from Nick from @FortunaFi about their pool.

Kate intro & talks about the ways you can participate in the community - 02:25
Lucas on the Centrifuge Mission - 06:25
Community Shoutouts - 13:40
Project Updates (Bounties and Token) - 15:47
Nick from Fortunafi presents - 22:00
Breakout Room Shareback - what would you like to see more of from Centrifuge 51:03

Thanks all for the input! It was really fun :seedling: :partying_face:


I’ll be there! Looking forward to it and hearing some project updates. :raised_hands:


Ah darn 5.30am for me and I’ll be at work :slightly_frowning_face:. Just have to look forward to hearing it all on a recording. Keep up the awesome work guys!!!


I tried several times to get in the call via the ZOOM app but I was getting the same message every time: “Waiting for the host to start this meeting”. And I was in the Community Call #9 (2021-03-18).
Did someone else have the same experience?

Thank you.

Good morning,
no, but I had to create a Zoom-account so that I could attend the meeting which wasn’t required the previous meetings.

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Yes unfortunately there was an error with the settings. Next time you won’t have to have a Zoom account, apologies about that :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thank you for your reply. I didn’t want to create a Zoom-account and like you say, it was not required for the previous meetings.

Hi @Kate_Centrifuge ,
No problem. But thank you for your reply. I am watching the video on YouTube right now. BTW, the name of the video is “wrong” because it says “community call #8” while it was “community call #9” if I am not mistaken.

Wish you (and us :slight_smile: ) a lot of success in the future!