Upcoming Runtime Upgrades on Centrifuge and Altair

The coming days, we will propose two Runtime Upgrades - one on Centrifuge, and one on Altair. Both upgrades will contain important updates and you will find a short description of each them below.

CENTRIFUGE (Runtime Upgrade 1007)

:mag_right: This Runtime Upgrade will contain the following updates:

  • Include Treasury Pallet in Runtime
    This means that the Treasury will be enabled on Centrifuge. The Treasury is basically an account that holds funds (CFG) that anyone can apply for, by submitting a proposal. The beneficiary (receiver) can either be themselves or someone else. If a proposal is approved by the Council, the beneficiary will receive the funds. You can read more about how the Treasury works here.
  • Convert Claim Root Hashes from Map to Single Value
    This fix makes it only possible to store the latest root hash of the claims tree instead of all historical root hashes of these trees. A root hash represents the state of list of claims at a given point in time. With this change only the last one will be supported. There is no impact on users that go through the UI to claim their Tinlake reward tokens.
  • Upgrade to Polkadot/Substrate/Cumulus to v0.9.24
    There were various feature & performance improvements since our last version of Polkadot/Substrate/Cumulus. We will always try to, as much as possible, keep up-to-date with the Polkadot framework repositories.

The Github release tag for this upgrade is 1007.

ALTAIR (Runtime Upgrade 1016)

:mag_right: This Runtime Upgrade will contain the following update:

  • Add Centrifuge Pools


As soon as the first Council motion has been initiated for the upgrade on each network, we will keep you posted with the governance process in their respective sections of the Forum:

Centrifuge: Proposals - Centrifuge Governance Forum

Altair: Proposals - Centrifuge Governance Forum



more than enough! Just let me vote for the Pools!


Council motion 11 on Centrifuge (Proposal for Runtime Upgrade 1007) is now open and can be found here.

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