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I’ve been a member of the official Telegram channel since before the ICO and I’ve noticed that the majority of the questions there are focused around a couple of topics.

In order to make the chat more productive to both the members and you (mods and ambassadors), maybe it would be a good idea to make regular official posts (maybe once or more daily) regarding some of the general topics so the chat doesn’t get flooded with the same type of questions and thus making it difficult for people to get answers to more “relevant” questions and issues.


This is probably the most raised concern among the investors. I know that these type of questions will slowly fade out as people receive them in their respective wallets. I don’t know the reason for them not having received the tokens yet, but it’s a legit concern (especially for newbies in the space), so a daily official post in the chat saying that the tokens are on the way (or whichever way you phrase it) would be a good idea, I think.


Another big issue for people who want to stake their tokens. The portal is already difficult to navigate in and even though I consider myself fairly technical, I had to look up quite a few videos and do a significant amount of reading in order to understand how to use the portal. Staking in the Polkadot eco-system is definitely not the most user friendly - especially not for the aforementioned newcomers. I know that you can’t change the technical aspect of staking but the issue with oversubscribed validators is causing more confusion in an already confusing environment. I know that this issue is being solved but a daily announcement saying WHEN the solution is expected to arrive, would probably calm down most of the investors looking to stake. After all, we are looking to give people incentive to hold on for the long term and encourage them in the process.


Many people seem to think that they should have received the AIR tokens by now in their wallets. I don’t think that they know that Altair needs to win the parachain slot first (nor do I think many of them understand what a parachain is). So maybe in the same post it would be a good idea to write that it could be weeks/months before Altair wins the slot but everyone that held their CFG in their wallets 15-17 July are eligible. Maybe even provide a link to the status of the Kusama parachain auctions so they can keep themselves updated.

I’m a firm believer in this project and I’ve invested quite a lot in the Polkadot eco-system, so I only have the best intentions for Centrifuge and I believe that a healthy chat is a good place to start. I’ve already helped quite a few people setting up stash and controller account after they dm’ed me for help and I’ll gladly keep doing it both in the official and unofficial chat. I also keep encouraging all of them hodl’ing their tokens and being patient and see the bigger picture in what this project is trying to achieve.

I believe that a post targeting the topics above would eliminate the majority of the concerns that new investors have and once you’ve created the post, you can basically reuse it every time - maybe with small modifications if needed.




Hi Rhano.

Thanks for your comments and remarks. The team appreciates every constructive feedback and positive thoughts. Briefly I will answer to the most relevant current issues:

The majority of investors who didn’t get CFG (locked or unlocked) should have received them in their CoinList account. After the public launch an email was sent to anyone affected by errors for sale option 2 (locked CFG), due mostly to duplicates. These users should have received their tokens in their CoinList accounts as well. There were no reported errors for sale option 1 (unlocked) CFG and the wCFG distribution, so all should have received CFG in their accounts. For anyone who didn’t receive their tokens yet please get in touch with someone from the ambassadors or admins on Telegram.

Yes, I agree the Polkadot portal is a little bit tricky for non-technical users at the beginning but for this reasons we wrote a few blog posts on the topic in the “Community FAQs” for further help and a video is available too:

The blog posts are considered as an overview and initial help for newcomers and everyone who wants to contribute and share his/her experience is invited to add his/her knowledge in the “Community FAQs” because it is a place from and for the community.
Concerning the oversubscribed validators there is a proposal ongoing to double the maximum amount of nominators per validator (from 64 to 128) but unfortunately the date of the implementation is not known yet:

The snapshot date for the airdrop was taken on 2021-07-16 19:27:54 (+UTC). If you held CFG on the Centrifuge chain on this date you are eligible for the AIR snapshot. Holders of wCFG are not eligible for the airdrop. Although the snapshot has taken place the airdrop hasn’t been distributed yet because the Altair network is not live to date. Because of very strong competition in the first parachain crowdloan Altair couldn’t secure one of the first five slots but is going to apply for the next round of parachain auctions. Unfortunately Kusama (the project who is in charge of the auctions) hasn’t communicated the start date of the next auctions (the status of the upcoming parachain auctions and crowdloans can be tracked here
Once Altair has secured a parachain slot and the network is live the airdrop will be distributed to all eligible holders.



Thank you very much for taking your time to write a thorough answer, Christian.

I still believe that it will improve the chat if you could narrow down the points in your answer (primarily the STAKING and AIRDROP part since the distribution is more or less resolved now) and post them regularly in the Telegram chat - ideally a few times a day - so there is a good chance that people will see it when they enter the chat.

I know that far from everyone reads the messages - especially not the pinned ones - so if it’s visible in the chat, hopefully it will remove some of the redundant questions that have already been answered a thousand times (I assume that you guys’ patience is put to a test on a daily basis).

Fingers crossed that the auctions will resume soon again and that Altair will win one of the next five slots.



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This is not a fair practice, I have purchased wCFG on coinlist pro before the snapshot date because there was no option to buy CFG, as per my understanding cfg and wcfg are the same thing then why wcfg holders are left behind?

I hear you but it was made very clear as a requirement for the airdrop that

“If you hold CFG on Centrifuge chain between July 15 - July 17, you are eligible for the AIR snapshot. Please read the Altair post for more details. wCFG is not eligible for the snapshot”.