Runtime Upgrade 5 Proposal

Dear Community,

Due to the latest increment of token holders, our conservative limits of number of nominators per validator have reached its limit. Based on this, we are proposing a runtime upgrade to increment the MaxNominatorRewardedPerValidator field to 128, doubling the previous capacity of 64. This should alleviate the current situation.

This is a pure runtime upgrade and no need for an immediate upgrade of the validator nodes, feel free to do it at your earliest convenience.
Since currently many nominators are not getting rewards, we would like to fast-track the proposal through council voting.
We will propose it as soon as possible and notify the community here for referenda voting.

All the best,

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The changes for upgrade 5 have just been merged:

Runtime 5 by branan · Pull Request #449 · centrifuge/centrifuge-chain · GitHub

Hey mikiquantum How about increasement to 256? I think that would be much better.
For example my validator Yaroslav | Centrifuge ( 4en6d54npvxgTMc8jSLh1AqBqgv9FvxkibZYsoGbRdjVYiEK ) and I already got 121 nomination and this number continue to grow. As for now, I wont be able to get into active set if we will have only 128 nominators limit, so do you think 256 limit is possible?

@yaroslvozl We are more concerned about the performance of the on-chain elections, that is why we went for a lower max.

Hmm, alright. So 128 is max and don’t planned to be increased?
With new upgrade total of 5120 people will be able to get rewards for their nominations even tho total amount of holders now are ~12k

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Hello everyone,

Apologies for the delay on updating on the state of the upgrade. We have successfully verified the fixes on Amber and we are ready to promote the following releases into Mainnet:

Feel free to check the release notes to get more information.

The plan is to fast-track this proposal. On Monday, 2nd a council vote will be open with the proposed upgrade and 1-2 days later it will be moved to referenda for 3h, until reaching enough voting threshold.
We expect to have it enacted by mid week.

Again, this upgrade is purely on the state transition function and there is no immediate need to update your validator nodes, feel free to do it at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for your patience,

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Voting is live on mainnet for the runtime upgrade: Polkadot/Substrate Portal
It will be open for the next 3h (fastrack step), go ahead and vote!


Did referendum pass?

If so, should we update our validators to the 245 release?

Yes the referendum was enacted and the runtime upgrade executed, feel free to update your validators at you earliest convenience.

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