RFC: Validator Increase Proposal

The current validator number is limited to fifty-five. This project has attracted a wide community of validators and due to Centrifuge’s recent success in the crypto community, there is a surge in demand for Centrifuge validators. As a result, many teams are finding it increasingly difficult to enter the active validator set, even displacing established validators from the active set.
As a result, I suggest increasing the maximum validator set size for the Centrifuge Network by ten. This new maximum number of validators, I feel, will improve validator variety, aid to decentralize the network, and result in additional devoted community members.
As far as I know, there are no negatives to increasing the validator set so I believe increasing the validator set is beneficial for the community.

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I support. I will also withdraw my offer to increase 5 validators if this offer passes.

I generally think increasing the validator size is good provided that the reward is enough for validators to make enough fees from the reward and I generally support this proposal. However I want to highlight that this proposal will only really be in effect for a short period of time as we plan to migrate to the parachain as soon as they go live in March.

Is this the preimage that you proposed, with has 0x0e5751c026e543b2e8ab2eb06099daa1d1e5df47778f7787faab45cdf12fe3a8 from proposer address 4d7UBHcXEjLA3v7PYqK8Hmp2Up9BpjMjieQ5c2kFW5dAYkRS? If yes, would you be able to add the image so that people know what the hash is for?


I didn’t understand exactly what you mean. I opened a topic for preimage promotion. related topic: Public Proposal: proposal to increase the number of validators to 60

As Lucas said, validators will be going away soon and replaced with collators when Centrifuge goes live as a parachain. So while more validators would be great, they would be short lived.

Not sure how many collators will be allowed in the active set for Centrifuge once the parachain goes live.

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Exactly. There will not be many collators needed - as long as there is one neutral collator, it is theoretically enough.

So exactly as you say, it is a very short lived adjustment to the network.

Source: Collator · Polkadot Wiki

I am no dev but Branan mentioned in one call to start with a few selected validators at the beginning. The system of parachains and the whole logic behind it is to reduce validators/collators

But 60 is definitely too much

Source for March timeframe:

The new referendum is open to vote.