Feedback and Suggestions


Just wanna provide my views to Centrifuge team.

  1. Ui could be improved to make it readable: less unnecessary terms; easy to understand technical jargons. Simply web ui appears to be some usual, a tad technical banking interface. Quite a turnoff to common investors. E.g. how easier to stake to validators? How exactly spv works, protects us, as some insurance. Please use non technical terms.

  2. U have to make it clear in advance, even when one makes investment, during the epoch, your investment may not get thru minimum 24 hrs. Not until AO decides to take your money or even some only. From here we are stuck and alone. And u tell us we could liaise with AO ourselves? Not that efficient. When ones money is not guaranteed to be fully utilized at once. At least by 24hrs. We can improve on this section I believe.

  3. Community participation is low. mainly at discord. Telegram group is not efficient enough to answer questions. Plus, nobody likes to read whitepaper. Is there litepaper, something condensed for us to go read and understand ourselves? Centrifuge needs to be more proactive.

Regardless I like the project. I think when token offering comes, listing comes, community participation will become natural and be more active. Just my humble thought.

Thank you.