Website overhaul needed

I really like this project and have invested in it. But I feel CFG would have so much more interest if it completely revamped its website. It’s so dull, like Ethereum’s, but they can afford to be understated because everyone is familiar with Eth’s fundamentals.
Not that I’m asking for bells and whistles like Moonbeam’s website, although I think it’s effective, but Centrifuge’s site is so sparsely laid out, and says nothing except ‘we bridge RWA to Defi’.

The website doesn’t answer the important questions in a simple, accessible way. For example, how will you deal with bad actors who run off with their RWAs? How does centrifuge estimate the value of the RWAs and tokenize them? What legal protection is in place? To name a few basic points.

Simple and obvious questions that should be on the front page of the website because RWAs is what makes centrifuge unique. I had to really trawl around to find out these answers and listen to interviews, etc. that most people simply won’t bother to do.

And emphasize your Polkadot links, and Aave too…Aave is huge, shout it from the rooftops, don’t be modest.

Please work on this. Very rarely does the best product win, marketing is hugely important. Make it clear and obvious what sets centrifuge apart from the rest. It’s so vague on your website and it gives the impression of a team that doesn’t really understand their own concept. Which I’m sure is not the case.

Sorry to keep repeating myself but I feel it’s such an oversight on the part of the centrifuge team.


Hey @J-Dizzle, thanks for the detailed feedback! It’s very much appreciated. We agree and are painfully aware that the website needs some love. You raised some excellent points regarding answering the important questions and answering them in a simple way. We want to approach the initiative as a matter of a content rework rather than just a facelift and this will need some time. Out of curiosity – which channel did you find the most effective when trawling for answers?

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“This will need some time” does not sound good. Why not move quickly? Upon winning the parachain auction :slightly_smiling_face:, announce a series of blog pieces that will answer basic questions on Centrifuge, subject by subject. Get the important information out there now while attention’s focused on the project. The blog articles can roll out weekly or bi-weekly in the lead up to the parachain going live. The information in the articles can later be woven into revamped docs and/or website.


Good day Blahar
This work is already in progress.
Thank you for your feedback.

It’s been 3 months and the website still remains unchanged. Your website is the face of your company, it’s the first thing any customer sees.

Any confidence I had in what Centrifuge are trying to achieve has completely disappeared. Surely tech know-how is your forte? How is it possible that Centrifuge is unable to rebuild a website in 3 months but you’re able to create NFTs aligned to real world assets.

I’m not asserting CFG is a scam, because even scammers would put in more effort to building their website. But the sheer lack of awarness of how your company is presented shows me that marketing is something your team is utterly clueless about. Seldom do the best ideas in business win the race, without a good marketing team you have no hope in a competitive field of over 18,000 cryptos.

I really wanted this to work because the concept has huge potential but the execution is so unfathomably poor that it’s too painful to watch. I’m selling out, but I hope one day you prove me wrong and get your act together. But as long as that website remains, I’m pretty sure selling my CFG is the right choice for me.

Hi J-Dizzle.

The team is aware of your constructive feedback and is already working on the overhaul of their website as well the user documentation. These tasks are fairly long-term and need to be prepared and executed accordingly.
As well Centrifuge is constantly trying to improve - and already did - their marketing.

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Good to hear but with a recession/bear market on the horizon I can’t see CFG making it at this current pace. So many other projects are pushing hard to stay afloat in this competitive environment, whereas Centrifuge appears quite laid back…who knows, maybe that will work in the long term, a kind of hare and tortoise scenario.

As I said, I love the concept of Centrifuge and wish you all well but with the bear market so close I’m not putting my money on the tortoise because many small projects will be shaken out of the market during the slump.

Hello everyone! I recently joined the Marketing team at Centrifuge and am actively working with the team on a site refresh. If there is any additional feedback around suggestions and improvements to the current website please share them directly here in this 3-question survey -

I’ve already captured earlier feedback from J-Dizzle, but welcome any additional input above.