Retail Investor Confidence Building for CFG Coin

Hard core supporters in my groups have started to question the decision to stick with Centrifuge. It is not a happy space for me personally having supported the project for more than a year. It’s kind of questions everything you have learnt about fundamentals in this space.

Also the strong feeling has started to seep in that core team doesn’t care about retail investor since this is B2B product and hence they don’t care and engage.

Retail Investor do not know what team is working on or how they plan to get the investor confidence back. People feel either team is over confident or taking retail investors for granted.

Centrifuge core team, please take this is criticism to your engagment with people and I sincerely hope things change for better soon.

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Hi Ashley,

This is the first time you’ve posted in the Forum :slightly_smiling_face:
What are you questioning about the fundamentals in the Space?

In terms of keeping up with what the Centrifuge team are doing, or more aptly, key activity in the Centrifuge Ecosystem there are several ways you can do that:

  • Join our Community Call (first thursday of everyone month, link posted in the Forum and in channels), this is where we announce things first. In July we talked about our Asset Origination process and plans for TVL - you can check the video, and all videos here
  • We’re starting a Governance call in October (for serious users who understand the product and market enough to have discussion around Governance) - might you be a good person to invite to this?
  • You can receive our newsletter which has short and sweet updates
  • For information on pools go to the Pools section of the Forum where Asset Originators post about updates
  • We publish blogs with news on big wins, parnterships and plans for the future here
  • There is an ‘Digest’ update posted in our Forum every 2-3 weeks with the latest updates
  • We post update about governance in this Forum channel
  • We post news about our integrations and partnerships with Maker and Aave and other protocols in this Forum
  • News about the Twitter spaces and Crowdcasts we hold in collaboration with other protocols can be found on and
  • The next community call will feature an update and deepdive into changes and plans on our product and UI with a blog to follow, I’ll post the link soon, please join, we’d love to have you.

What other information are you after?




Have you seen the CFG rewards for retail?!

its 40% extra above the yield you earn for providing the loan.


Hi Ashley, thank you for this feedback. Kate provided a great list of the kinds of communication we provide to the community, but I’d like to hear more about how you see a project (and other projects) in general.

Regarding “Retail Investor do not know what team is working on”: what kind of updates would you want to see more of here? We’re pretty open on what we’re building and launching on Tinlake (pools, Maker/Aave integrations), but I do agree that we could be more open regarding our work on the protocol — is this what you are thinking too?

What else are you looking to hear more about?

What kind of markers or methods of communication do you look for in a project to have confidence that the project and its team care about individual investors?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Hi Ashley.

Thanks for sharing the concerns from supporters of your group. Please encourage your members and especially those who are in doubt to share their opinions here for an open discussion. This is the only way to clarify and solve uncertainties as you can see the team is answering here in an open and transparent manner and tries to support wherever it is possible


I think the retail investors are losing faith in this project - We have been in CFG for close to a year now; and now into the crowd loan. Mind you, a TON of the people are small investors for whom blocking 0.5-2 KSM for months is a big deal. I really hope the team has some last minute plan - like Heiko because the way the crowd loan is going, it will impact CFG and project in general. And then no matter how influencers recommend CFG - it won’t work

Agreed, a lot of the community are very respectable and loyal to the team and therefore not direct enough and this is the problem.

At the end of the day, we are retail investors and want the coin to be successful price-wise, this happens with new exchanges, it’s ridiculous that this coin has been active for months and is only on Coinlist.

The team needs to show that they respect retail investors and get us these new exchanges, the whole interrogation and community update stuff is irrelevant to this topic, this needs to be done in parallel to new exchanges.

Show the retails investors that you respect us by getting us a new exchange or we will not stick around for this project.

sounds a lot like make us money NOW or we leave… patience

There is a lot of progress if you actually took the time to see what amount of capital and companies are in the pipeline…

I did a small write-up to help you out a little.

Your blatant price discussion without any constructive argumentation deserves a warning and temporary ban in my opinion.

Hello. It will be good to do more research and have patience. Did you know Coinbase Custody was exploring CFG last year? It wasn’t guaranteed to be on the exchange immediately but at least it was on the radar.

The following was announced today:


“Good times come to those who wait”