The future of Tinlake is bright

Centrifuge (Tinlake) has a partnership with MakerDAO, which tries to fund their Dai stable coin partly with real world assets (RWA). They committed to a goal of having 300 million of RWA by the end of the year, and they are mostly Centrifuge for this.

β€˜β€™ RWA Pipeline

All 4 Centrifuge-based RWA proposed to MakerDAO Governance were accepted but some Tinlake (following an audit) and legal (see the New Silver postmortem) improvements delayed the deployment. They should be onboarded in July (with the possible exclusion of Peoples Company SPV which is not live yet).’’

One of them is probably going to be which are planning to scale the pool to a size of 100 million in the next 12 months.

Lastly, the partnership with Aave is finally materializing in an actual product.

β€œThe Centrifuge market will be a new deployment of the Aave V2 protocol, using the permissioned market implementation. We have been working closely with Aave developers and are close to deploying a test version of this market to Kovan”

Keep spinning Centrifugians!