From here our CFG journey begins

From here our CFG journey begins

What: A Question Session with @lucasvo CEO and @cassidy token designer at Centrifuge
Where: Here, in the Forum!

About: So the last few days have been crazy. But there’s many of you who care about the true impact of DeFi and the mission of Centrifuge and are here for the journey.

We want to share more about what you can expect and where this project is going.

The future is bright and it is big :cyclone: :seedling:

This is a short sharing about the future of Centrifuge, the use of CFG in the network, and your chance to ask questions about the medium and long term goals :dizzy:

In order to get your bearings, read more here in the Rockaway Analysis

Please note:

  • We’re happy to discuss questions about the Centrifuge chain and the bridge.
  • We won’t be answering tech support questions
  • We won’t be answering questions on exchanges, price speculation or questions relating to Coinlist activities.
  • Off topic questions will be deleted and this AMA will be strictly moderated.

**Please ask your questions below and they will be answered by the team!


Hello Team!

After the succesful launch of the (wrapped) CFG-token on several exchanges and the current token price of around $5 is the team going to consider a quick revision of the fee (200 CFG) for the bridge between wCFG-CFG?


  1. Do you plan to build up a project reserve of KSM to secure further Altair slots in the future?
  2. How do you plan to stabilize the token supply long-term? You plan to burn a percentage of all transaction fees. Are there other mechanisms planned?
  3. How do you plan to intensify your Marketing campaign for Altair to win a Kusama parachain auction?

Thanks in advance!


Hey everyone 🙋

1 - How are the team’s efforts going in being able to allow U.S.A and other restricted countries to invest into Tinlake? Lots of rules and regulations I imagine, just haven’t heard an update on this in a while.

2 - As the partnership with Maker is going well and it looks like a partnership with Aave is potentially in the works, the pezescha pool looks to use cUSD so can we assume Celo are also onboard? Does the team have any other partnerships in a similar process or is their a wishlist of Defi protocols the team would like to work with?

3 - With interoperability being a big topic and the vision to access multiple chains to access liquidity, what chain would the team see as the most relevant/important to try and bridge to after setting up home on a polkadot parachain?

I’ll try thinking of more through the day.


Hello team,

another 2 questions:

  1. Initially applying for a Kusama parachain slot was not part of your strategy. What considerations did change your mind?
  2. As everybody I am excited to learn something about your roadmap after securing a parachain slot. Can you briefly describe the next milestones?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Team!

There are a lot of questions (and there is come confusion as well) on wrapped CFG and (native) CFG. Can you please tell the community why you decided to sell two tokens?



Hey @Exar so many good questions! I can share a little bit on #2 - Maker is progressing nicely. New Silver was onboarded in April and was the first one to mint RWA backed Dai. They have almost used up their entire debt ceiling that was initially set at 5M and will go into the Executive Vote tomorrow and is likely to get an increase to 20M. Four more partners will be onboarded within the next couple of weeks and many more to follow. On Aave we will be able to share more info soon! In the meantime you can check out our ARC that we published on their forum to get an overview of what’s in the works there :wink: Tinlake is set up to be as composable as possible and will work with many different liquidity providers (both CeFi and DeFi). There’s a lot going on on that side of Tinlake currently but you’ll have to be a bit more patient before we can share more publicly :slight_smile: is there any protocol that you want us to take closer look at? Anything you’d like to see?


This wasn’t a decision by Centrifuge but really up to exchanges. That a lot of them opted to list ER20 CFG was not something we have any influence over. A big part of DeFi liquidity is on Ethereum and we wanted people who are using DeFi on Ethereum to purchase CFG. We are still in the early stages and so bridging options are limited but over time there will be easier ways to bridge between the two.

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We believe Kusama is a great network for testing early stage products and innovating with a very active community. That’s why we want to build Altair: to test what we’re building for Centrifuge in a more dynamic and experimental environment. I believe there will be use cases for our technology that make more sense on Kusama than Polkadot and I am super curious to see what the we will all come up with.

For now these partnerships are our main focus. Aave is probably the next big one we’re tackling and there’s still loads to do with Maker. New Silver, the first pool to be integrated with Maker is just going through a governance process to increase the debt ceiling within Maker to 20M. I am really excited about the DeFi ecosystem that is starting up in Kusama & Polkadot and that is definitely where we’re looking next (hi Acala!).


I think interoperability is a key in DeFi and a big driver for Ethereum. On Polkadot we are very focused on bootstrapping this ecosystem from the get go. We hope to work with new stablecoins & lending protocols across all chains.


Dear Centrifuge Team,
Thank you all for your truly amazing efforts in building the entire ecosystem from bottom up. Its just phenomenal. Would like to post few things here, which I guess the team can response to when feasible. While we excited and awaited for Altair to win a Parachain slot and unleash all its features, please can you share with community the following -

  1. Would there be a clear road map highlighting the different milestones set forth to achieve in coming Q3/Q4 2021 + 2022 (high level)? I understand you guys have answered above at a certain extent but should a medium article with this information elaborated be beneficial in your opinion?

  2. Altair is all about RWA DeFI experimentations and beyond. Would you like to share with the community list of experiments which are on-priority the team thinks should be developed on Altair in addition to new Tinalke DApp?

  3. Currently tinlake pools provides APY and incentive liquidity provider with CFG rewards. The current CFG rewards is lowered to have model sustainable in long run which is 100% understandable & agreed by community as a whole. In this scenario, how do you plan to bootstrap liquidity in tinlake pools or foresee additional investment in pools? Any alternative strategy thought over for this?

  4. Any thoughts over more aggressive marketing campaign for next quarters? If we are targeting institutional investors adoption (just imo), would this be one of the key focused areas?

  5. Is there any plans in future to reduce the min investment threshold below $5k? May with collaboration with AMM protocols, is this flexibility be granted to investors?


Altair and Centrifuge will burn a percentage of the transaction fees in order to sustain being a parachain through inflation. This can be found on the website.

Tokenomics paper is on the website explaining all the tokenomics with burning mechanics etc.

Marketing plan seems not necessary, there are 100 slots on kusama and polkadot, Altair might not be the first 5 parachains, but it looks like they will secure a parachain next round based on the current contributions.


Hello together,

Just a short question: Do you have any updates concerning the early bird bonus of the first crowdloan? In the AMA Cassidy mentioned it (see screenshot). Thank you!

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