Altair Airdrop for the CFG holders

I am a early investor and a keen follower of CFG progress right from its beginning.

I have invested max amount of money in the sale for the early investors on coinlist.

I have learnt that there will be 1:1 airdrop of Altair tokens for the CFG holders.It will be great gesture if CFG team can airdrop equal amount of air token to the CFG token holders especially bought in the sale as a reward for their loyalty as well.

Thank You


Yeah. We need to wait for a confirmation from the team. But the upcoming AMA on 16th June will answer your query for sure with regards to AIR airdrop for purchases made on CL.


Thanks Hardik. Looking forward to it.

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Come along to the AMA on June 16th at 18:00 CEST to find out more about the Altair and the airdrop
ama 1


It will be a pleasure.