$AIR Listing - A little friendly advice for Governance

The listing strategy made in the CFG should not be repeated/applied to Air. Altair’s future depends on good management of the listing process.

CFG and Altair are very good projects. But if the hype is wanted:
A to-do list for listing should be prepared and the community should decide.

For example, the chance to catch hype was lost due to the fact that CFG offers 3 options and listings are not well announced on major exchanges. $CFG, which was expected to open at $8, opened below $2. CFG is currently in demand far below what it deserves.

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Hi Genaucode.

Thanks for your genuine feedback and advice. Unfortunately exchanges will make their own decisions on when to list AIR. Please follow their official channels for news and updates.

Although I would love to see the community playing a role in the listing process, exchanges have the duty to announce a listing first


Hey. Pour recevoir $AIR sur Kraken, il faut encore attendre ? Merci

Good day Tihood 62
Transfers is enabled in Altair and Kraker already received all AIR on wallet.

Now only Kraken could answer you when they will distribute the rewards.

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Bonjour, merci pour votre reponse rapide !! Or, Kraken support encore ce matin m’indiquer ne pas les avoirs… Et n’a pas de date concernant la livraison des rewards… merci

I’ve checked in with Kraken and they have successfully claimed their rewards end of the week and are working on distributing them to users.


Whaoouu ! Merci bien !!

Thank you for this info!

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dear Tjure07,
Thanks for the answer. Could you correct me if I’m wrong? Don’t you need to request a listing on an exchange?
In my opinion,
1- Before a listing request is made, a pre-listing preparation should be made in discord.
2- Listing requests should not be made before the number of Twitter followers is 50k. etc.

Depend on my previous community manager experience;
More important than the announcement of the listing date is that the possibility of being listed on an exchange has started to be talked about on social media.

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