Coinlist distribution plan

Hello Centrifuge team!
Some of the community members (including me) have a concerns about distribution of our CFG that we have bought on Coinlist.

So, the thing is there were few past token sales recently on coinlist ( Casper, Clover, Covalent, Mina ) and Coinlist investors got their token distribution delayed in EACH of this projects.
Listing on exchanges always happened before Coinlist buyers got their tokens freely movable and tradable. So, the thing is Coinlist didn’t gave another option for investors as to sell on Coinlist.Pro(their own exchange) or wait for hours/days to withdraw tokens to non-custodial wallets or other exchanges.

As some tokens from Tinlake pool rewards and staking/validating rewards are already in circulation rn, Coinlist investors want to get their tokens freely movable before official exchanges listings and have opportunity to sell their CFG at the same time with those who already have it.

Also there are concerns that we wouldn’t be able to withdraw/get our tokens on-chain before Altair snapshot.

This “on or around July 14” is making us think that they are creating a playground to not give us our tokens in time.

Also we got some information from ambassadors that distribution will happen directly on-chain and coinlist will ask us to provide CFG on-chain address soon. There are less than 2 full weeks left before July 14 and coinlist could also manipulate on distribution date based on thing, that not everyone have provided their address yet.

We hope that Centrifuge team could influence Coinlist in order to distribute our tokens on-chain prior to exchanges listings and save loyalty from Coinlist Public Sale investors.

Thanks again and hope that you can understand our concerns :wink:


Hello CFG team,

I want to share my worries about that dependency of getting a release from Coinlist (14th of July) to move our token to on-chain Centrifuge for the 15th of July as well. Coinlist did never ever deliver in time. I experienced this myself quite often from 2017 till now (last example ICP). Please back your investor community and ensure our well-earned snapshot by taking measures. We are your community.



I am afraid this is a coinlist issue we have to deal with, I’ve also been having these issues with previous sales and ICP :frowning:

It’s either incompetence or something very fishy is going on with them or a scheme where only a few profit a lot from the low liquidity at release.


It’s true. But you are not right. We are not have to deal with it :slight_smile:


Check your mail, Coinlist is sending out emails on how to get CFG without a delay.
@Halaster @yaroslvozl

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Yes. Seen that :wink: thanks for mentioning

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Hi Yaroslav. The team prepared in the last days all necessary steps for the token distribution together with CoinList and the exchange sent an email out previously with an explanation what is needed to get CFG.

If there are any questions on the process (wallet creation, airdrop for AIR) the investors should at first DYOR in the various channels (Medium, Forum, Website) and can of course reach out to the official Telegram chat for help as well. The support at CoinList is available too in case anyone runs into technical problems


Im new here and i would like to get info about the distribution of CTG from Coinlist, i created a wallet for my CTG so i will send my adress to them to receive my tokens, the question is , once I receive my tokens in my centrifuge wallet , the snapshot will be taken there? Where would i get the airdrop? And also , if i would like to sell my CTG how would be the process?

Thank you so much

Once you provide your CFG onchain address to CL, the token shall be migrated to your provided CFG wallet address. The CFG Snapshot will take place approximately between July 15th and July 17th and you will be awarded AIR in 1:1 ratio. You would be in a position to see AIR balance onchain and shall be be able to transfer by july end most probably. Regarding trading CFG token, when there is listing on exchanges you can have your call.

Thank you so much for the info

Hello! I have a problem with CFG distribution to external wallet. My address starting with 4… and i confirmed it via link in time. Participated in option-1.
But did’t get any CFG still.

Can you please assure me a presence of my address in distribution list? Coinlist support keeping silence. And my previous msg to Coinlist support is keeping unanswered for 2 months. I’m afraid they will leave me in that situation forever.

I am afraid you are dependent on coinlist’s support for this issue.

Can you please share your Telegram user handle, your CFG-wallet address and your Email-address (via DM to me in Discourse) to verify your distribution status?

Hello, someone knows where do you get the airdrop ? Because I didn’t get any token from the airdrop in my cfg chain wallet , where can i find it?

Thanks in advance

The airdrop has not been granted to anyone because the Altair network has to go live prior to the airdrop

When is estimated the Altair to be live? Because the snapshot was taken long time ago if i remember well

@joseteruel We need to win a slot on KSM and then there will be full upgrade and roll out of altair, eventually once everything is done you will be getting that balance transfer. you can please check this What to Expect in the Altair Crowdloan | by Cassidy | Altair Network | Jun, 2021 | Medium for more details