Staking in 3rd party wallets?

I know that some people find the portal difficult to navigate in - especially in terms of staking. Fearless Wallet has made staking in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem very user friendly and straight forward.

They already support staking of DOT and KSM and some parachains are on their way as well. Does the Centrifuge team have any plans collaborating with them to allow CFG staking there as well?

I believe that would give many people incentive to stake and hold.

Apologies if there already is a post in the forum about this topic. If there is a thread about it, please direct me to it - but I couldn’t find one.

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You could ask Fearless Wallet, they are the wallet provider which can integrate CFG if they wish.

I actually did - in their Telegram channel. But from my understanding, there has to be some kind of agreement before integration, no?

It’s the beauty of decentralized systems, anyone can integrate or build on CFG.

So if they want to facilitate a staking service for CFG in their wallet application they can. No need for any agreement.


Hi Rhano. This is a very good question and a positive approach. What did the devs from the Fearless wallet answer you? Any outlook or proposal on how to approach this topic?

Wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for sharing that.

EDIT: I just heard back from them and they replied this:

> If they are using default Substrate pallets then nothing is required, if our team needs to develop something in addition to that then we should work on the proposal with them

The devs said that they had tried to reach out to the admins from Centrifuge but they hadn’t heard back.

I already suggested the CFG staking in their TG group the 14th July when the tokens were released on CL.

I’ve been using their wallet for staking DOT for a month now and it works really smoothly. I think a lot of newcomers, who are not comfortable using the portal and nominating validators, would benefit heavily from staking in the wallet as it does the nomination part automatically, based on different parameters.

Cfg is substrate based without anything beyond the ordinary from my understanding.

Sooooo I think they can. Disclaimer I am just an investor in CFG with zero to none coding skills :sweat_smile:

Perhaps you can send this to their team:

I’m pretty confident they’ve already seen it.

Their recent proposal was just approved by the Kusama council.

Check here: Polkassembly

I think the reason they need to reach out to the Centrifuge team is this part:

New networks: This proposal covers multi-asset in terms of Polkadot, Kusama, and Statemine (including Westmint) networks, other networks (e.g. parachains) will be integrated together with parachain teams, or added by the Fearless Wallet team without any grant communications if integration is straightforward with reusage of default Substrate pallets.

As I read it there is no need for reaching out based on this:

“or added by the Fearless Wallet team without any grant communications if integration is straightforward with reusage of default Substrate pallets.”

Since CFG is built on substrate with ordinary pallets.

But give it some time, everything polkadot is still very new compared to for example ethereum. Or if you can convince the Fearless Wallet to integrate CFG a bit sooner that would be great ofcourse, but I think they will focus on the first 5 kusama parachains which have already gotten a parachain lease slot.

I agree - I don’t think CFG is their first priority as the other projects already have won a slot and would need to be integrated first. Or maybe they are just waiting for mainnet CFG to be released first, who knows?

But yes, all we can do for now, is wait.

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