How to claim CFG rewards from the Centrifuge crowdloan on Polkadot

No CFG for claiming fees. 248ubRKaEa6xGMcieKui2Jog2bhLtGEH3cGGNiKtZtjr1jnQ Much appreciated!

Same problem as many here…no CFG for claiming fees! Can anyone help out with some CFG dust?


May I request the team to find a solution to this issue of not being able to claim the crowd loan rewards without any CFG in the wallet ?

In the mean time, may I request any kind hearted generous soul to donate some CFG to cover transaction fee so I can claim the reward ?

My wallet address below:

Kind regards

MY CFG wallet address

hi Cassidy,

I can’t claim my CFG reward. I transfer 5 dot for CFG crowdloan to this address. is this right CFG crowdloan address?

Hello everyone.

Please check your balances on before you request funds from the CFG-faucet to claim your rewards:

Hi harry1210.

Where did you contribute from for the crowdloan? All steps are explained in the user manual.
If you contributed on the official crowdloan page you only need to claim your rewards there

Hello Team, I have contributed via Parallel 50 DOTs and my balance is 0.0001 CFG. I used all methods to check it and it seems it is something wrong. Is there a way for you to check the issue? Here is my CFG wallet 4ca8wQ5GeETQYFXok8eAvTuA2U8z7JTZnqwLNK9bM2D39NxY
Thank you

Hello all,

I did all the process from crownload page, but as other people in the forum, I had no CFG to pay the fees. But, I dont know why, I was able to perform the claiming with no errors. At the end, I have no CFG from the claiming process on my wallet and I am not able to claim again. I dont know what to do.

I leave my CFG wallet:

Thanks for your support.

please check your wallet balance.

Hi, I was using polkadot.js extension wallet for applying Centrifuge crownloan. I did claim successfully in official website. However, where did the CFG send? I can’t find in my polkadot.js wallet.

Good day imKT
Please check your rewards here:
0. Follow

  1. Select Polkadot
  2. Select Centrifuge
    3.Click on Switch

Or you can use direct link: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Thanks for you quick answer. Now I have the fund you sent, but I’m still not able to claim again because I have this message “Rewards claimed”.

If I was able to claimed with no funds in my wallet from the Crowdlone page… where the CFG tokens were send?

I did the same, I should choose “via Centrifuge” or “via OnFinality”?
but both can’t see any CFG there, my wallet address is here, please help to check:

Hello AlezVJ83
Just check my prev message

this wallet address doesn`t contribute to DOT crowdloan, so this account can not claim rewards.
You should use the same account of contribution on the official page and click Claim rewards.

Hello ImdioR. I did it. It was the way I checked you sent to me 0.001 CFG for the fees.

But 0.001 CFG was all my funds… no rewards on the wallets.

I understand it is not easy to support us, so thank you for your help.

Hi, I am using below wallet to do centrifuge crowdloan.
I also successfully to use this wallet to claim reward in official website.
However, I go to switch account as you suggested, i can’t see this wallet address, instead I saw this

As I can see this wallet address successfully claimed 1022.8 CFG

Hello again ImdioR,

Understood… I think. This is my Polkadot wallet I used for the crownloan


I presume I claimed correctly, didn’t I?

So, how can I see/visualized the tokens on my wallet?