Developer Introduction: Bastian

Hey folks :wave:

My name is Bastian, and I joined Centrifuge in August this year (2022). I joined as a Protocol/Runtime engineer, working with Substrate and making sure our transactions and runtime operate fast, secure and are pleasant to use.

I got in touch with Crypto around 2015, and worked in the industry for the first time when I joined Kraken around 2019. This was also my first time working full time in Rust. I loved it so much that I wrote a book (“Rust Web Development” (Manning)) and started a MeetUp in Berlin called “Rust&Tell”.

In my previous careers I touched Mainframes, Mobile, Frontends and Backends, and worked with Java, Go and JavaScript.

Thinking through a product end-to-end is what I love most, therefore Centrifuge is a perfect fit for me personally, where I can focus on building real products on top of the blockchain layer, and help equalise the access to financial products for many. Centrifuge is perfectly placed to play a major role in that future, and I couldn’t be more pleased being part of this smart and energetic team.

You can also find me on Discord: bastian#0001



Welcome @bastian! Knowing that Centrifuge has a team of diverse and smart people working together towards a common mission is very comforting to know.

Rust&Tell!! :smiley: Excellente!

Centrifuge has some of the best Rust devs in the world

Hi Bastian!

Welcome to the team! Glad to see (more) experienced and knowledgeable staff joining Centrifuge! :clap:

Btw: Do you have a TL;DR version of the book to share it with the community? :wink:

Happy to! Wanted to limit the self-promotion, but here it goes :slight_smile: Link to the book.

It’s a book aimed for backend developers who worked in other languages before, and want to make the jump to Rust. It’s not Blockchain related, all though, you can see it as an in-between step to learn the language first, and then apply for Blockchain jobs afterwards.

So, if you want to learn how to build fast, secure and reliable web services, and learn what it takes to build these with Rust (and what stack to choose from the ecosystem), look no further!


Good day Bastian
Thank you for your introduction.
Happy to see you in Centrifuge Team and also was happy to meet you personally. :hugs: