Christiancdpetersen Introduction

Hello, I am a new member to the Centrifuge community.

But I have worked closely with Centrifuge during my time at MakerDAO.

In my capacity to provide legal support for Real World Finance at Maker DAO in 2021 and 2022, I worked with Centrifuge to prepare a model trust indenture for Centrifuge financings with MakerDAO. Trust Indenture and Deep Dive on Centrifuge Indenture Trust and Successful Collaboration

Most recently, I assisted MakerDAO in the BlockTower $150M financing utilizing Tinlake. Here and Here


Welcome to our community @christiancdpetersen!

It seems like you are bringing a lot of experience and skills that Centrifuge can benefit from - and given you already have been involved with Centrifuge in terms of legal/financial support, I am looking forward to future engagement in discussions/proposals.

Thanks for your introduction and welcome to the Centrifuge DAO! :wave:

It’s always good to see new members on board and their background plus motivation to join :clap:

Welcome to the community!!