Council Candidate Introduction: Ilhan / Staker Space

Hi Everyone!

I’m Ilhan from the Netherlands and this is my introduction post to announce my candidacy for the Altair Council. I have a background of 4 years of blockchain engineering in energy and supply-chain industry. And been full-time for 3 years now been a node-operator on different blockchain networks including Centrifuge under the organisation name Staker Space

Reasons wanting to be a council member are:

  • The same reason as I wanted to be early on a validator/collator for Centrifuge early days to secure the network and as a council member securing would be ensuring that the right choices are made through governance in my role as council member.
  • I personally want to see RWAs succeed, as having seen the commercial side of traditional business and relationship to blockchains there is usually a tendency to be cautious and eventually ending up with nothing. The vision that started with Centrifuge has shown us what is possible and this same ambition should be carried out with Altair.
  • I’m working also on a RWA project for fair housing in which governance will also play a crucial role, this is my attempt to be a part in the decision making process and learn from it.

Why vote for me/us ?

  • We have a good overview of different blockchain networks and also what is being built within the Substrate/Kusama ecosystem.
  • As a validator we are completely independent of any association or alliance, the same goes for our council role.
  • We do our own research!
  • We would like to see similar Tinlake options on the Kusama network as soon as possible.
  • We love the idea of #NoLimits!

Staker Space consists of two persons, our council name will under Staker Space in a multi-sig wallet in which voting will happen in agreement.



Merhaba Ilhan,

thanks for your introduction and application. Good luck for the council election!