Centrifuge Governance Call #16 | 2023-04-19

:spiral_calendar: :clock1230: Wednesday 19th April 18.00 CET / 12.00 ET

:ocean: Greetings Centrifugian! :ocean:

Join us in the 16th edition of the Centrifuge Governance Call to catch up with everything governance and make your voice heard in the discussions!

The Governance Call is facilitated by the Governance & Coordination Group and the preliminary agenda for the call is:

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:person_raising_hand: If you have any questions or suggestions for a topic, please post them below or bring them with you to the call.

Well met!


Hi @ogre44444,

I know it is a bit short notice but as @ImdioR inquired in the other post, how would you feel about joining this Governance Call and presenting your proposal for CFG Liquidity Incentives on Stellaswap on Moonbeam to the community?


A representative from Stellaswap will be there.


I saw your reply in the other post, thanks @ogre44444 - I have added it to our agenda.

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