Unleash Your Realest Assets

Unleash Your Realest Assets

Details on one real-ass competition for the Centrifuge Parachain Crowloan

Real World Assets

Centrifuge finances Real-World Assets (RWAs).

RWAs are not correlated to crypto: they are assets that exist in the real world that can be borrowed against, like housing and mortgages, freight forwarding services, payment advances and inventory. These are all things that have a tangible, underwritable value and this can be used as collateral.

Furthermore, a crucial benefit of RWAs is that they are largely uncorrelated from crypto’s bear market cycles. ETH might crash, but this does not impact the housing market or the RWAs in Centrifuge pools associated with housing.

There are so many assets that we could plug into Centrifuge and DeFi to change the game around who gets access to borrow and lend money transparently and cost-effectively. Many assets are already being financed with Centrifuge — but what else is possible? You tell us… :grinning:

Centrifuge x Polkadot

Establishing our Polkadot chain is a crucial step in our trajectory. The benefits for the Polkadot ecosystem are also major — we could help grow Polkadot by 100x, and we invite you to be part of this. By supporting Centrifuge’s bid to secure a Polkadot Parachain, you are helping the future of DeFi become more secure. And you’re helping real people in the real world get real shit done. Enough realness for you?

There are many ways you can contribute:

The #YourRealestAssets Competition

We want to know your ideas for real world assets that you would like to see financed on Centrifuge Chain!
There’s a bunch there, sure, but the scope here is enormous, so tell us what you’re thinking!

One of our contributors is thinking about the potential for assets in the field of renewables such as wind turbines: the idea is to treat the forecasted energy output as collateral for financing.

One is looking forward to NFTs with real world use cases which cover ordinary needs: for example fractionalisation of a taxi, bus or a UBER car (or in the larger scale a taxi fleet, a bus company or dozens of UBER cars) where these means of transport are wrapped into NFTs and every investor owns a piece of it and earns the profits made with the vehicles driving around.

People are working on purchasing woodland for regeneration: collateralising the land as an NFT, borrowing against it to carry out rewilding activities in confidence that it will be repaid with interest from government carbon credits.

So what’s on your mind? :thinking:

Join us by submitting your Realest Asset idea via a twitter to @centrifuge with the hashtag #YourRealestAssets.

Please note, only those who use Twitter @mention Centrifuge and use the hashtag #YourRealestAssets will be considered for the competition. You can make your case in a tweet thread if you prefer. Competition closes 6th January 2022

The winner of the most real, interesting and applicable idea will receive:

                          1,000 DAI

The winner will be decided by a thorough review of entries by members of the Centrifuge Ecosystem


Want to know the results and progress of this activity

You can find the winner announced in the monthly summary for January


I am sure the winner was presented in Telegram as well