Introducing Real World Assets in the Centrifuge forum

Creating engaging, thoughtful, and transparent debate around RWAs is critical. That’s exactly why we spent some time recently to re-tool the RWA category of our Forum!

The objective in doing this is to fit in line with our goal of making the Centrifuge Forum the home of RWAs in crypto and this is a small step in that direction.

A couple of tangible examples of how this can work practically:

  • If you’re getting into conversations with folks interested in financing, investing, or servicing RWAs — this is the place Intros and Opps
  • If you’re seeing great content and insights about credit in TradFi or DeFi , it’s worth sharing it in Industry Insights & Analysis
  • If you’re having questions or know other groups that do Q&A

What further examples or best practices do you have on your mind? The best way to find it out is to start using the RWA-section on your own!

Excited to see the conversation build throughout 2023!