Real-World Asset Summit 2023: A Reflection

On September 19th, Centrifuge hosted the inaugural Real-World Asset Summit in Brooklyn, New York. A first of its kind, the event united leading TradFi C-Levels, DeFi Founders, VCs, and crypto reporters at the William Vale.

Focused exclusively on the intersection of tokenization, credit, and crypto, the Real-World Asset Summit was built upon one collective goal: to shape the future of the tokenized real-world asset industry.

With thanks to our 350+ guests, 15 sponsors, and 55 world-class speakers – ParaFi’s Ben Forman, Base’s Jesse Pollack, and CoinShares’s Meltem Demirors to name a few – we, collectively, did exactly that.

:point_down: Key insights from the Real-World Asset Summit :point_down:


Thanks for dropping the link here. I would have missed in on Medium.

While boring (stable and liquid) assets are a great entry point, did you get a sense of the market timing for acceptance of short-term lockup interest? There’s substantial opportunity in the sub-5-year lockup market for RWA yield.

Clearly being onchain allows for liquidity, pending continued RWA interest, but from what I’ve seen on the proposals there’s substantial yield value being left on the table due to the nature of short-term callability.

My 2 cents here: I’d point to this tweet below about what Robert Leshner (Compound founder) said at the Summit. This plus having seen the popularity / demand that various Centrifuge pools have drawn in the past, investors in RWAs onchain currently favor more liquid, shorter term investments.

We’re still working on widespread adoption for the simpler, more liquid, more “boring” assets before investors would consider a lock up period outright!

That being said…an interesting angle here could be secondary markets, where an investor could invest in an asset with a lockup but still exit their investment on a secondary market. This is how I could see investments like this gain traction onchain (as they have in traditional finance).

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@devin Thanks for sharing the tweet or is it now an X or Xed?

One group that was making a big push on the secondary market front is I had a warm intro over there but never got anything out of them. Not sure where they are in their cycle.

The reality is the need for FINRA and SEC compliance creates its own burden but blending of DeFi with TradFi yields and assets brings a layer of maturity, as well as global opportunity. It’s all baby steps to maturity.

I ask these questions selfishly as I’m looking at submitting a POP, however, we have a 1-year lockup which still seems to be too short, unless we can provide some level of liquidity guarantee.

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I have a few calls this week with multiple long-standing partners of Oasis Pro team.

I know they are actively pursuing opportunities, although quietly.