Centrifuge’s Real-World Asset Vision Comes to Life in NYC

Centrifuge announces cross-chain launches, new ecosystem partners and institutional-quality assets to meet rapid demand for Real-World Assets.

New York City - September 19, 2023 – Centrifuge, the institutional platform for onchain credit, unveils a series of key announcements during their inaugural Real-World Asset Summit held today in New York City.

“We’re proud to host some of the most expert voices and visionaries to discuss the intersection of credit and crypto – and how we can accelerate the institutional adoption of tokenization,” said Lucas Vogelsang, CEO and Co-Founder of Centrifuge. “Today’s Summit will be rich with insights, actions, and meaningful progress for the next wave of adoption for real-world assets.”

Centrifuge announcements include: :point_down:


Looks like a packed room!! Unfortunate that I was unable to join. Soooo much fantastic exposure for our industry!! Look forward to watching the recordings.

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