Tinlake UI Updating Issue

We are aware of an issue with the Tinlake UI that is causing the token prices, NAV, status of assets and CFG rewards accrual to not update accordingly. This is due to an RPC issue with the subgraph. The Centrifuge developer team is working closely with the Graph team to address the issue. Unfortunately, there is no timeline as to when a fix will be implemented.

We will post further updates when available.

You can follow the status of the bug here:


Wanted to provide an update on this. The subgraph has begun syncing again and beginning to catch up. The items effected are updating to the recent blocked that has synced. :man_technologist:

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Update: The subgraph has caught up to the current block. This issue is resolved. :white_check_mark:

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Good to hear, thanks for the great news @sirj!

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