Team Member Intro: Bhaji Illuminati

Hi all!

Tomorrow marks my 3 week anniversary working with Centrifuge. And what a force it is!

I’m the newest member in the marketing circle, focused on helping create awareness, demand and excitement for Centrifuge and RWAs. Working in marketing leadership roles across 4 early stage B2B tech startups (including Taulia with many peeps that are now at Centrifuge!), I’ve honed my skills around category creation, brand building, demand generation and creative storytelling that cuts through the noise.

It’s been a great first few weeks. The team has been supportive and welcoming and the more I learn about the product, the more excited I get. The time is now for RWAs and there’s no better protocol or team to drive the industry forward.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with marketing ideas and feedback! I always value input from the community and am looking forward to working with you all. Find me on slack or twitter/ telegram at @itsbhaji.

Now it’s time to get to work!!



let’s gooooooooo!!!

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Thank you for sharing this info and vibe!

Leeeeeet`s go!


Welcome @itsbhaji, looking forward to working together!

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