Runtime Upgrade 4 Proposal

Hi Validators,

We are going to propose a new Runtime Upgrade, that will involve the following items:

  • Removes migration code from previous upgrade
  • Renaming RAD → CFG
  • Create new ProxyType Vesting
  • Make Bridge Fungible Fee configurable

This is a wasm runtime upgrade, so there is no need to update your validator nodes straight away, although we recommend you do it in a timeline manner.

The current timeline:

  • Amber: Executed by EOD Monday 29th of March
  • Mainnet: Executed by EOD Tuesday 6th of April (updated)

Release: Release v2.0.0-rc6-241: Runtime Upgrade 4 (#299) · centrifuge/centrifuge-chain · GitHub

Docker images will be available next week, will post it here.


Update on upgrade:

  • Amber upgrade has been successfully executed.
  • Mainnet upgrade will be proposed next Wednesday 7th of April EOD UTC

Release: Release Centrifuge v2.0.0-RC6 - 241 · centrifuge/centrifuge-chain · GitHub
Docker image: Docker Hub

Mainnet upgrade proposal is in progress. Please head to Governance → Democracy (Polkadot/Substrate Portal) and vote on the referenda.
Voting will be open for the next 3 hours.