Proposal to re-structure/update the official Centrifuge documentation

I would like to propose that we look into re-structuring and updating the documentation ( in order to make things more clear and accessible when new investors/asset originators are looking to find information about how things work.

Below are some specific suggestions on how it could be done:


Right now, the documentation is divided into four sections:

  • Getting Started
  • Learn
  • Use
  • Build

One way to organize it better, in my opinion, would be to categorize it into just two sections:

  • Centrifuge
  • Tinlake

Under both Centrifuge and Tinlake we could organize it into sub categories (similar to the current setup) like:

  • Centrifuge
    • Introduction to Centrifuge
    • Use Cases for CFG token
      • Governance
      • Staking
      • …………
    • CFG <> wCFG bridge
    • ……
  • Tinlake
    • Introduction to Tinlake
    • Investor
      • How to invest in a pool
      • …….
    • Asset Originator
      • How to onboard an asset originator

Obviously, these are just suggestions and feel free to comment on how you believe it would be a good idea to organize it.


There are some screenshots that should be updated as well as the UI (for both the Polkadot portal and Tinlake) has changed since the documentation is made. At the same time, it would be a good idea to go through the content as well to check if all information is up to date (links, numbers etc.).

I would like to hear what the rest of the community thinks about this and whether it is something that we should proceed with and put to a governance voting.


Thanks, Rhano. An excellent proposal and I agree a re-organisation and especially an update of the content is needed. Currently a Documentation working group is ongoing which deals with the subject



I think this will be important considering how Centrifuge is becoming more than just Tinlake, with our Polkadot + Kusama chains.


We are slowly getting rid of the brand / term Tinlake. On Centrifuge Chain it will most likely just be called “Pools”. I think splitting the doc in just two main categories is probably not granular enough for a first level. Here’s a something based on what you just started out with:

  • Introduction to Centrifuge
  • Governance
  • Pools
    • Introduction
    • Investors
    • [ other sections…]
  • wCFG Bridge
  • Securing the network
    • Staking (will be retired when parachain goes live)
    • Collators

I agree. Goodbye Tinlake*. And keep it simple. I’d address Governance after Pools though since newcomers are likely more interested in the latter.

*eventually Tinlake will be relegated to a footnote

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Can we include a section on ‘Quality Assurance’. I think this can be elaborated in terms of the entire process adopted throughout product development, the iterative feedback mechanisms loop, and what controls are in place to achieve the end quality?

Any opinion on this?