Marketing Working-Group Creation

If anyone is interested in taking part in a “working” group to toss around and develop ideas on how to expand adoption of Centrifuge, please chime in. My focus is investor side. There is huge potential for on-boarding the risk averse - eg, your parents and grandparents - who simply want a steady, reliable return on their investments.


I think some people who are new to crypto can struggle to understand the broader concepts. I got my father-in-law to invest in Tinlake which took a lot of explaining, but a lot of information went over his head. However, since he came onboard he has been really happy and it has been a very positive experience.

Personally I think it would be really interesting for new investors to watch some videos / short interviews where existing asset orginators are interviewed. They could explain how they’ve benefited from Tinlake compared to finance 1.0 and how it has helped their business to flourish. If non-crypto users easily understand the unique selling point of the project they may be more willing to invest.

There is a lot of great content on the forums and in the AMAs but shorter 5-15 min videos in an interview format on the Centrifuge youtube channel would be easily shareable to friends, family or in Discord / Telegram.


You have good point here. I agree that very short introduction videos (less than 5 min) could be a great way to educate people about how the different aspects of the project works, e.g:

  • how it benefits/has benefited asset originators
  • how to become an asset originator (the process)
  • how/why to invest in the pools

but also about other aspects, like:

  • participating in governance voting
  • staking

all explained in layman terms without using too many technical terms. However, this should be supported by more detailed documents as it is not possible to include all important details in a short video (nor should that be the purpose of videos) as they act more like an introduction to create interest/awareness about it so people can wrap their head around the concepts.

There are many good videos out there (from other projects as well) but too many of them already expect the viewer to have some understanding about basics and as you mention, a lot of newcomers really need some more “digestible” content.

I especially like this video from Centrifuge: Centrifuge Explainer Video - YouTube

With more videos like this - explaining other topics - we could reach a broader audience, especially those who don’t have English as a native language and would have a hard time reading and understanding the docs.

I do like the idea of some videos focused on governance. Seems from recent AMAs that there has been a lack of uptake in community members participating in this area.