Partnership suggestion

So I found out about (Parallel Finance).

On this page they say they have the ambition to integrate with a RWA on ramp (not sure if fiat or assets). Scroll down and there is a contact request for potential partnerships.

‘’ Let’s be partners

We are actively looking for partners within the Polkadot
ecosystem to push our boundary and benefit our users.’’

It seems like Parallel and Centrifuge share the same ideals when it comes to bringing crypto into the meatspace.


NFTs Partnering
How about partnering with RMRK ( as a part of Altair experimental feature by launching/funding NFT’s (RWA crypto punks minted through Altair) or may be with Lukso ( for luxury fashion digital industry. This will be humongous I guess to have assets financed or borrow loan?

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Smart idea but Parallel Heiko is a direct competitor to Altair for a parachain slot on Kusama. Let’s secure a parachain slot first and talk about potential partnerships afterwards. :wink:
A slot is a very crucial step for further development - for both Altair and Centrifuge