[Altair Collator Introduction] Staking4All

Hi Altair Community

We are a large supporter of Centrifuge, Altair and the Polkadot ecosystem in general. We are keen to keep supporting Centrifuge.

We have been running a validator on Centrifuge chain for a long time, before the token was even CFG, the good old days where validators were on slack and before Centrifuge telegram groups were created. We ran the node at our own costs with the belief that Centrifuge will be successful & has done so and is expanding on this value everyday. We saw potential already then in Centrifuge and want to continue supporting the Centrifuge ecosystem.

Here is info on our centrifuge validator

  • Our centrifuge node statistics. Link
  • No slashing events, 100% uptime with constant monitoring

Here is info on our support in Polkadot/Kusama relay ecosystem

  • We are a active and elected validator on Polkadot. Our node stats on Polkadot. Link
  • We have run since elected with no incidents, an achievement of very few validators and can be seen by Wei bot. Link
  • We are active and elected validator on Kusama. Our node stats on Kusama. Link
  • We been here since the beginning of Polkadot & Kusama. Can view us on 1000 validator Kusama list, in top 5. Link

Here is info on our support in collators ecosystem

  • We run two Collators on Kilt. We are visible on the stakeboard. Details on our collators. Link
  • We run collators also on bifrost, moonriver, calamari, genshiro, equilibrium and soon picasso.
  • We run on the following substrate chains also, stafi, HydraDx, dock, etc

Oustide of Polkadot ecosystem

  • We run nodes outside of polkadot ecosystem that include Polygon, Harmony One, Elrond, Marlin, Persistence, Velas, IoTeX, etc

Our Infastructure

  • All our nodes have active monitoring that shows node metrics but also provides active alerts that notify us immediate of any challenges.
  • Our hardware requirements are based on the blockchain projects requirements, we align with the chains requirements. Each chain has it’s own dedicated hardware. We share nothing between chains
  • All servers are hardened from a security perspective
  • Collocation of nodes with backups

We look forward to supporting Altair and help the parachain to become a success in the Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem