My One Year Anniversary in DeFi

Hey Fam!!

Today marks my one year anniversary in DeFi - See my intro post at MakerDAO here.

I would like to thank @akhan for reaching out via the post and introducing me to Centrifuge.

Since I started I have:

  1. Created the HVB document for MakerDAO
  2. Joined Centrifuge as an ambassador and active contributor
  3. Made a solid run at the On-Chain Monitoring solution for Maker
  4. Ran a blockchain + real estate masterclass with Urban Land Institute

It has been a fun year and plan on continuing to pound the pavement and enjoy the trenches of DeFi.

A lot has changed since I started - and I’m excited to see more change over the next year.

Cheers to our next year :beers:


Hey Jake, Congratulations!

That’s great. looking forward to learn and collaborate with you and this great ecosystem.


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