Urban Land Institute: Blockchain + Real Estate Course

Hey Centrifuge Community!

It is Jake here, and I wanted to get the community’s attention on the blockchain + real estate course I am teaching for Urban Land Institute.

Urban Land Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the built environment in all sectors of real estate.

The course is a 4-part series spanning different sections of blockchain and real estate. The course breaks down as:

  1. Regulation and on-chain data
  2. Real estate tokenization
  3. DeFi on-chain lending
  4. Smart contracts and Operations

Here is a link to the one pager of the course. Looking for potential guest speakers at Centrifuge and feedback on the DeFi on-chain lending lesson plan!


Good day ItsJake
Sounds very interesting!
The course will be free, right? How many participants do you think will attend this course?
In case somebody is interested in this course should he book in advance?

The course is in-person in Los Angeles! Only having 15 people for the beta cohort of the master class. Registration should go up in February.

I am really looking for feedback and guest speakers from the Centrifuge team!

:ok_hand: Ah cool, thanks for the information.
Unfortunately, I’m not based in the USA but hope that somebody else will be able to participate.

No worries! If you could connect me to the right people I would appreciate it :slight_smile: @Kate_Centrifuge

I would definitely participate in an online version or if you want to bring it to Miami i can help you organize a local version. Lots of crypto and real estate people in Miami!


Also support the idea to switch offline version to online in a way that more people could participate.

@ItsJake Ahh i didn’t realise it was an in person course. People who might be suited to teach a session on DeFi on-chain lending but who don’t live in Los Angeles are @akhan or @denniswell

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yooo! my guy! I love the idea. I just sent over a DM. Looking forward to figuring out how we can bring it to Miami. I am sure there is a Miami ULI chapter we could call-upon.

The course is in person, but guest speakers can be anywhere… @akhan @denniswell

Are you guys open to providing feedback sometime this week or next?

Thank you @Kate_Centrifuge for helping me out here!


Cool initiative @ItsJake! Thanks for sharing here.

Wanted to share some quick feedback from just looking at the course syllabus:

  • I think it’s useful to frame tokenization as its own concept with the usecases being all the specific topics you’re discussiong (i.e. fractionalization, lending, etc.)
  • Is there any way to cover the “infrastructure” that exists in commercial real estate today? From the way commercial opportunities are sourced (I know there are a few database providers that dominate this market), to the common third-party services, to the big market players. I think this info is really useful to understand where tokenization can play a disruptive role.
  • Really interested to learn what real-life examples you’ll point too. Would be cool to see some of these named in the syllabus.

Awesome stuff, would be happy to participate virtually if it’s helpful.


Thank you Asad for the comments!

  1. Just to clarify, you would bucket the lending lesson into the tokenization lesson and have lending and fractionalization as use cases for tokenization?
  2. By “infrastructure” do you mean titles, deeds, etc or the securitization process, for example, and how tokenization/blockchain could disrupt those processes?
  3. Sounds good! In the syllabus I can add a section with more specific examples like capital markets, title, deeds, etc.

I will send over a DM to connect off-line. Excited to discuss this further!