How to claim CFG rewards from the Centrifuge crowdloan on Polkadot

No, you’re right - you could contribute to Centrifuge through Bitfrost. I just assumed it was the Kusama crowdloan as I remember we talked in TG about the claiming :slight_smile:

Bitfrost users will have to claim the same way as Parallel and Equilibrium (by connecting the wallet, that you contributed from, to the claim page when claiming is available later this week).

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Hi team, I contributed using polkadot.js, followed the steps in the OP, but I still don’t see any “Claim Rewards” button, even though I have some hundreds of CFG to claim.

Any idea on how to fix this?

Hi omnifient, claiming has been delayed so it will go live next week. You can read about the reason for it in this tweet:

ah, thought it was already live
thanks Rhano :+1:


I thought the claim rewards was already live. Extremely confusing. Poor communication and a waste of everyones time! Please confirm when a user will be able to claim?

Good day Synth
I’m so sorry that you find claiming rewards process extremely confusing.
But I would like to emphasize to you, that this topic tutorial and not an announcement channel.
All onboarding/migration steps (and I would like to repeat ALL steps) were announced and posted here:

  1. Centrifuge Launch process -
  2. All Runtime Upgrade or motions/referenda were posted and discussed firstly off-chain and after voted on-chain -
  3. All essential info was published also in 4 telegram channels:
    Main channel -
    Trading channel -
    Announcement channel -
    Chinese channel -
    All these info also was posted in our Discord channel here -

You can double-check by yourself all links/messages and you will find that Centrifuge Team announced all steps and explained the onboarding/migration process step by step.

If you have any question feel free to ask.


Boom! Claiming is available now!
The Runtime Upgrade was executed correctly and the Crowdloan Pallets have been initialized.
Claiming page: Centrifuge Parachain Crowdloan | Centrifuge: Real World DeFi
Tutorial: How to claim CFG rewards from the Centrifuge crowdloan on Polkadot
Happy claiming!

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Hi again,

We need CFG to claim CFG…
Are you going to solve this issue ?

I wil try to stay calm as long as i can i promise, remembering i needed 1 month and a half to be able to claim my AIR and the epic hidden AIR listing joke on Kraken.

So how do we proceed ? Any faucet ? Any distribution ?

Thx in advance.
(Please don’t tell me you didn’t think about this :expressionless:)

Bonus question : how much CFG for tx fees for claiming ?
Maybe friends already having CFG can be the solution, playing the role of community faucets.


I can see my rewards, but when i put the botom “Claim Rewadrs” receive that message: “Error: 1010: Invalid Transaction: Inability to pay some fees , e.g. account balance too low”.

Must i have CFG to do the claim?


Good evenin Cristobal
You can send me in DM your wallet address I will send you some CFG or you can buy CFG on exchanges.
Or you can leave your wallet address in Discord in section FAUCET.

It happens to me exactly the same. Any solution?

Hello SupDup44
Bonus answer: fee is 0.000098851242166066 CFG

Good evening Javielo Pez
You should have CFG to cover the fee transaction.
The solution is always the same.
Contact me in discord and I will send you CFG for fee or you could buy CFG on exchanges.

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Thank you very much, I just sent it to Discord.

I have the same issue when I claim the reward. Could you send a little CFG? My CFG wallet is: 4ciiVdNeBDtQ88qZCV1sjFicXT98YLyckPfuEzszeH266VgM

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Thanks ImdioR! but i dont know why but i cant send you a dm

Done. You should be able to pay for fees now and claim.

please anyone could sen me a little CFG? my wallet is: 4cFQpA6jeK3wH2K5vcCdpas3Xz1koXK9pMseaxUGHdhihfm5

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Done. You should be able to pay for fees and claim now.

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Hi, can anyone please send me a little CFG to my wallet, i have the same error:

Error: 1010: Invalid Transaction: Inability to pay some fees , e.g. account balance too low