Help onboarding to tinlake

I was hoping someone could help me onboarding into tinlake. IV completed my KYC and am fully verified. I get to the part where is need to sign the subscription agreement and I get trapped in an endless loop of signing into securatize to sign it, I sign in and then it puts me back to the screen asking me to log in to securatize to sign the agreement again.

Is there a chance I’m encountering this as I’m doing it on my mobile phone? Picture to show where I’m stuck at. I’d really appreciate any help as I would like to invest as soon as I can!


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Hi @Exar,

could you send as an email from the address you are registered with in Securitize incl. the ETH address you are using to connect to Tinlake to so we can look into it?



Have sent that email off now, thankyou for your response. Have a good day


Hey @denniswell , thankyou very much for helping onboard. It was definitely the phone that was the issue as the computer had no problems!

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