Council Motion 56: Fix XCM Asset Registration

Hello :raised_hand:

Council Motion 56 this is the resubmission of Council Motion 54 and Council Motion 55.

Discord user MKC has made us aware of incorrect XCM registry information:

hello there,
I wrote a job to crawl all parachains’ on-chain xcm registry
I believe centrifuge team has published the incorrect USDT here:
xcm-global-registry/polkadot_2031_xcAssets.json at main · colorfulnotion/xcm-global-registry · GitHub

I thought statemint USDT should have been { generalIndex: 1984 } instead of {generalKey: “0x31393834”} .

The details of this motion:

This Council Motion updates the registry and sets the index correctly.

Councillors, @cassidy @thespaceacatjr @prankstr25 @vedhavyas @lucasvo please vote on your own convenience!

The Council Motion 56 was closed now.

Thanks, everyone for participating.

Good day

Council Motion 56 has passed.

Referendum 28 is now open for all CFG token holders to vote on. You can vote on the referendum either on Subsquare or in the portal.

:ballot_box: Vote in the Portal: Fix XCM Asset Registration

The vote is open for 28,800 blocks (~4 days with an average block time of 12 seconds until block 2,240,241).

Thank you for your participating.

Referendum 28 passed with SimpleMajority at block 2268000.