Council Motion 54: Fix XCM Asset Registration

Discord user MKC has made us aware of an incorrect XCM registry information:

hello there, I wrote a job to crawl all parachains’ on-chain xcm registry
I believe centrifuge team has published the incorrect USDT here: xcm-global-registry/polkadot_2031_xcAssets.json at main · colorfulnotion/xcm-global-registry · GitHub
I thought statemint USDT should have been { generalIndex: 1984 } instead of {generalKey: “0x31393834”} . Can you guys confirm?

Council Motion updates the registry and sets the index correctly.

Please vote @Ash @branan @mikiquantum @cassidy @thespaceacatjr @prankstr25 @Yarosl6 @vedhavyas!

Hello :raised_hand:
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing enactment and validation of Referendum 27, Centrifuge Council should resubmit Council Motion 54, because there was a possibility of democracy.preimage storage wipe during this period.

The Council motion for this proposal was submitted again as Council Motion 56.

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