Council Motion 14: RWA Market Rewards for Q3 2022 (2022-07-04)

As discussed in the following thread I have put forward Council Motion 14 to mint 100’000 CFG into the RWA Market rewards account. As proposed in the initial poll the intention is to fast track this with a 12hr voting period once passed.

Please go head and vote!

Subscan Council Motion Details

Note: This proposal was incorrectly submitted as motion 13 (it lacked the democracy.proposeExternalMajority call) and has been resubmitted as proposal 14.


Council motion 14 has passed.

Council motion 15 to fast track it is currently being voted on by the council.

You can see Council motion 15 in the portal here (while it is open).

Once this motion has passed, the referendum will be open for all token holders to vote on for 3600 blocks (~12 hours).


Referendum 5 is now open for all CFG token holders to vote on.

See the referendum on Subscan here.

:coin: :ballot_box: Please vote here .


Referendum 5 has passed with a SimpleMajority at block 766200.

The 100,000 CFG has been minted and will very soon be deposited into the RWA Market rewards account.

Thank you for voting everyone!


Hello all!

Glad to see that the rewards are extended for another 3 months. Would it be possible to provide some explanation on how the wCFG can be claimed? I couldn’t find any information on this, and it seams that there is a minimum of days invested in the pool before the rewards start accruing. Thank you!

Good day ValJohn
I just received the answer from RWA market Team
Rewards for Q2 were discontinued on 30th June and the new rewards proposal for Q3 has passed the council motion and is now getting implemented. This might take a few more days before rewards start accruing in the RWA Market. Unfortunately, this is an edge case if you invested after 30th June and therefore no rewards have been accrued.

Thanks for the response. I also see that the shown APY have been adjusted. Any ETA to implementing the new rewards? Thank you!

The new rewards have been live since 2022-07-11 and the rewards shown in the market are showing the current rate.