Council Motion 61: Renewal of RWA Market rewards

I have just proposed Motion 58 for vote by the council which mints 833’333 CFG into the Aave rewards account. The proposal text is the following:

# 2022-03-30 Renewal Aave RWA Market Rewards
By casting your vote on chain, you indicate your approval of changing the Tinlake Rewards on Centrifuge as follows:
1. Mint 833,333 CFG into the RWA Market rewards account 4eFfMrhrGSx8GP5WVm5qDzaSL5qvsWUjvcJAnYxP7RZYJLs2

These values will be valid until governance proceeds with another vote.

## References
1. [Poll](

You can review the motion on subscan: Councillors, please vote.

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We are fixing an issue with this proposal, will update with the new one here in a bit.

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Alright this is the new motion: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

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Thanks to the council.

The public referendum 42 to renew the RWAmarket rewards is open for vote!

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