Democracy Vote: Aave RWA Market Rewards

The council just voted on the motion to mint 833’333 CFG for rewards for the RWA Market based on the Aave protocol. This ratifies the forum poll and is now up for a democracy vote for the next 24hrs.

2021-12-15 Aave RWA Market Rewards

By casting your vote on chain, you indicate your approval of changing the Tinlake Rewards on > Centrifuge as follows:

  1. Mint 833,333 CFG into the RWA Market rewards account

These values will be valid until governance proceeds with another vote.


  1. Poll

Proposal on IPFS

Please go ahead and vote for this proposal here


The motion has passed on-chain, and the results are as follows:

Link to the results can be found on

The vote passed overwhelmingly, and we will proceed to mint the rewards for early RWAMarket participants.

Note: all on-chain Governance voting results can be found under the Governance tab in the Centrifuge section of Subscan, for future reference.

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