Poll: Aave RWAMarket Rewards Proposal

Aave RWAMarket Rewards

To incentivize liquidity for the Aave RWAMarket - which will use Tinlake LP tokens as collateral for DeFi on the Aave platform - we are proposing a CFG rewards program. You can read more about the background in the rewards discussion or by listening to our last community call. This proposal covers the first 3 months of the initiative, based on an estimate for what the Target Market (potential liquidity) of the RWAMarket could be.

The estimate for the Target Market is $50M based on projected capital demand. To keep the rewards competitive with early rewards programs, the corresponding CFG rewards will be the equivalent of 10 percent APY.

With these numbers in mind, the proposal is to:

Mint CFG 833,333 for the first 90 days of the protocol launch and
deposit these into the Aave Rewards Distributor Contract.

Distribute 9250 CFG per day as rewards across all AAVE Centrifuge markets.

With this proposal we would see an additional issuance of 0.76% of the current total supply for Aave Protocol rewards.

The original post regarding changes and improvements to LP Rewards by @lucasvo can be read here.

Voting Process

This poll will remain open for one week, and will proceed on-chain with a successful β€œyes” majority.

Do you support the proposal to mint CFG 833,333 for rewards in Aave Market for RWA?
  • Yes
  • No

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The goal is to launch the first (permissioned) market for Real World Assets (RWA) on the Aave protocol. This will allow Aave depositors to earn yield against stable, uncorrelated real world collateral while Centrifuge issuers can borrow money from Aave, automatically balancing capital needs and providing alternative collateral to volatile crypto assets.

RWA Market will enable businesses to finance their tokenized Real Estate Bridge Loans, Trade Receivables, Cargo & Freight Forwarding Invoices, Branded Inventory Financing, and Revenue Based Financing using crypto.

Real World Asset Market: What is it and how will it work? | by Anna | Centrifuge | Dec, 2021 | Medium


Thanks everyone for their participation. This proposal has gone to a vote in the council. Should the council vote yes it will go to a council proposal. Council members, please cast your vote: Polkadot/Substrate Portal


The council has voted yes on this motion. There is now a proposal in the council to fasttrack this motion for a 24hr democracy vote.

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@lucasvo in these (and future) posts, for transparency and tracking them later, it would be helpful to include information about the council motions, and how they correspond to things on chain.

Council motion 52 and 53 I assume where what these were (52 was to propose it, and 53 was to fast track it?).