Contribution/rewards not showing on crowdloan page

There currently is an issue with displaying contributions and rewards on the crowdloan page when connecting the account contributed from.

There are three ways you can check if your contribution went through. It doesn’t matter which one you use - if you see your contribution, using any of these three methods, all is good.


Navigate to and paste your DOT wallet address (starting with 1) that you contributed with. Then click on the “Transfers” tab and see if there is a transfer made to the crowdloan module (modlpy/cfund:2031)


Make sure your account, that you contributed from, is set to “Allow use on any chain” or “Polkadot Relay Chain” in the extension and then navigate to Polkadot/Substrate Portal and find Centrifuge on the list. Click on “My contributions” and it will show your contributions. If you’ve contributed more than once, it will show the TOTAL amount contributed.


Navigate to and paste the DOT wallet address that you contributed from or connect your account using the extension.

Then you should be able to see all contributions you’ve made to all crowdloans (both on Kusama and Polkadot) using that account. Scroll a bit down to see contributions to crowdloans on Polkadot.

The issue with the display on the crowdloan page should be fixed within the next week and you should be able to see both your contributions AND your rewards (including referral bonuses and Loyalty/Double Trouble bonus) directly on the crowdloan page.

By the way, the Early Bird bonus has been extended so you and your friends can still share 10% extra CFG rewards!