How to see our Contributed DOT after contrbuting to the Crowdloan?

Hi everyone,
I need your advice.
I have contributed some DOT to the Crowdloan through the Centrifuge website using the Polkadot.js extension. Now I cannot see my DOT contributed when I connect my Account to the Centrifuge website.
Thank you for your useful advice.


Hi scyllafrancois.

You can see your crowdloan-contribution via the following websites with your Polkadot-address:

In the Polkadot.js app you can see your lease under “Polkadot” - “Network” - “Parachains” - “Crowdloan” and “My contributions”

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Hi Tjure07,
Many thanks for your advice, I really appreciate. I am going to check this and let you know.

Have a good day!

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Hi Tjure07,

After verification everything is OK.
Thanks again!

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