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Hello Folks! My name is TW, I help assist CandyClub.Net (B2C) & (B2B), we are a 100% ‘Free to Play’ Social Casino, we launched just a few months back, and we have built several key partnerships such as with UnstoppableDomains as well as a few Token Projects seeking to revitalize their Ecosystem.
The main success with CandyClub collaboration is notably three outcomes:
i) Token Project ‘owners’ were able to remobilize their Community, creating a call to action, a communal synchronization to engage
ii) Token Project ‘owners’ were able to (Revenue Split) receive a % of Tokens (both their own Token & other types of tokens ‘placed on the table’ within CandyClub).
iii) Token Project ‘owners’ were able to see a clear increase in wallet activity and they see a new utility and platform for where their token may be played, circulated, and revenue split alongside CandyClub.

We understand that many Token Projects are very hesitant to engage with ‘gaming’ or ‘gambling’ however CandyClub has received numerous legal opinion, as noted at this link Candy Club

Our goal with CFG would be to have a co-marketing campaign (Effectively free) and CFG Token holders can connect their wallet into CandyClub. Not only can Centrifuge receive a % of CFG Tokens each month back to their wallet, but also Centrifuge may also earn any other tokens that the CFG Token community uses and plays with, via the dedicated partner link URL.
Looking forward to your Community’s thoughts and replies!

Hi @LoveHorsesStudFarm,

Thank you for your post and proposal.

Good to hear that you have achieved success with your platform. However, my personal opinion is that it is a bad match to combine a project that finances RWAs with a gambling/casino platform.

Hello LoveHorsesStudFarm. I had a look on the website of your project and I personally don’t see (based on the information provided) the relation with Real World Assets and especially Centrifuge.

Could you please elaborate the partnership with UnstoppableDomains and the goal of the collaboration you are offering for Centrifuge?

Hard no — unrelated to us and this seems like spam. I think we should close this topic.

Hello Devin, I can assure you this is not Spam.
Let me make things real clear and simple. There would be two specific angles, one would be with the CFG Token Holder Community. The only requisite would be a bit of coordination between our two marketing departments, in order to drive some organic foot traffic of CFG Token Holders to the CandyClub platform, not only would there be a % revenue split for all tokens bet via the unique links, but also the CFG Token would be gradually off-loaded from CandyClub every month, at a pre-determined %, so as to protect the token price and also allow CFG to flow back into the marketplace.
In the case of UnstoppableDomains, it is a pure affiliate link play, and the unique affiliate link, in this case it is is the link that anyone using UnstoppableDomains is sent to, and the token traffic is split according to our agreement with UD.
Hope this makes sense. We are not spam and we are not a casino, we have numerous legal opinions on this. Candy Club

Hi @LoveHorsesStudFarm, personally from what I have read it doesn’t sound like something that would make sense for CFG holders. We need the token to participate in governance. I also think it would be irresponsible for holders to gamble with their tokens regardless if its in a casino, street game, or online casino (also “not casino”) game.

Its one thing if the token held no utility or if the project was inactive like so many, but for an active project with a vibrant community this sounds dangerous.

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Hello Sirj, I think you make a pretty strong argument. It is good to know that CFG is strong and doing well. Thanks also for seeing that CandyClub is most focused on those projects seeking an alternative venue for interacting with their tokens, or speculating.

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