Centrifuge competitors in and outside of the CryptoSphere

Hi guys,

I’m looking for a list of Centrifuge competitors in and outside of the CryptoSphere, to get a better grasp on Centrifuge’s unique selling points. Has someone here by any chance compiled one?

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none in crypto. all alone in the room. going moon.


That’s crazy… Are you a 100% sure of there being no project at all trying to solve a comparable problem or offering a comparable service?


nothing out there I can find. If you figure it’s going have a Polkadot parachain and have that extra layer of interoperability and security, well it’s the best project I know of. I would love to see if you can dig up anything even similar.


I will do some more research and try to come up with some sensible picks. There should be tons of competitors since it’s such an important and lucrative technical challenge… On Polkadot as well as on other blockchains.

Some reading material:


Great post I haven’t looked into there competitors yet but if there aren’t any and There in line to win one of Uncle Gavins Golden Parachute auctions

I agree moon shot!!!
Any of the early crypto companies to secure a early slot and win a para chain candle auction ??!!!


Thansk for the like my man I got ur back😉


No Competitors that i know of yet… But Centrifuge is solid it aready has that Name Brand feel to it.


Hi guys, reporting back with a possible competitor:

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@FBX : Thanks for sharing! I’ve briefly looked at their website… looks kinda dead. Latest Blog entries from Feb 2019.


You are right, their Twitter died down a year ago too: https://twitter.com/sweetbridgeemea?s=21

So that’s not an active competitor for sure.

I remember LATOKEN was promising a platform for assets tokenization years ago but that turned out to be a flat out lie. They’re just a subpar exchange now.

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I have been reading how centrifuge onboards RWA on chain, and quite frankly that is a tedious process. From risk assesment, to legal due diligence and the process isn’t easy or fast for that matter. If there are any competitors I doubt it that they managed to get further than centrifuge.


Thanks for sharing doc. Good read.


Great info here guys keep up the good work !!
Maby the devs willl rain some rad tokens on us all!!!


This one is interesting too, Mirror Finance: https://mirror.finance/

What is Mirror?

Mirror is a DeFi protocol powered by smart contracts on the Terra network that enables the creation of synthetic assets called Mirrored Assets (mAssets). mAssets mimic the price behavior of real-world assets and give traders anywhere in the world open access to price exposure without the burdens of owning or transacting real assets.

The minting of mAssets is decentralized and is undertaken by users throughout the network by opening a position and depositing collateral. Mirror ensures that there is always sufficient collateral within the protocol to cover mAssets, and also manages markets for mAssets by listing them on Terraswap against UST.

The Mirror Token (MIR) is minted by the protocol and distributed as a reward to reinforce behavior that secures the ecosystem. With it, Mirror ensures liquid mAsset markets by rewarding MIR to users who stake LP Tokens obtained through providing liquidity. MIR is valuable as it is can be staked to receive voting privileges and to earn a share of the protocol’s CDP withdrawal fees.

Mirror is a project developed and steered by its community: its markets are maintained by its own users through MIR incentives, and the protocol evolves with new ideas through democratic governance.


Hi @FBX ,
I have found one.
Persistence https://persistence.one/
Their mainnet isn’t live yet but they are distributing their coin via stakedrop.
Worth looking into imo.

Here is an article on medium by Cryp2gem https://cryp2gem.medium.com/centrifuge-research-by-cryp2gem-8331d02c824a
They did a research on Centrifuge and it’s a good reading material (including potential competitors).


This is awesome - you guys are a gold-mine of TA. Thanks to all the research you’ve done. Looking forward to much more.

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