Centrifuge Community Call 26: Hot takes on RWAs w Chico Crypto

:loudspeaker: Centrifuge Community Call hosts Chico Crypto!!! :fire:

In this important ‘relaunch’ of the Centrifuge Community Call we’ll talk with the one and only Chico Crypto, a veteran rider of the waves of crypto :man_surfing:

Known for his hot takes and deep observations (and don’t forget great puns) on the state of DeFi, we’ll get his reflections on the roller coaster of the last few months and insights on what might be in store for those bullish on RWAs :roller_coaster:

Feel free to bring your questions and opinions :crystal_ball:

In this Community Call we’ll also check in on important activities in the Centrifuge Ecosystem so you can stay up to date :cyclone:

Thursday 29 Sep
18:00 CET/12 ET

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List your questions here or bring them to the call.

This is going to be fuuuunnnnn :tada:


The man, the crypto legend! This community call is going to be epic! :fire:


can’t wait for this one! :raised_hands:


the guy who introduced me to CFG

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Loooooove me some Chico Crypto. Also the man who introduced me to Centrifuge a couple of years ago.

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Yes, agree.
He definitely could be called a Professor of Crypto. He taught a lot of users about crypto, security, and how to find future big projects.
And how to find a really important project in the crypto world and invest in it in the early stage.

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Hello :raised_hand:
See you all today during the call.
If you have any questions feel free to ask them during the call or you could write your questions here on the forum.

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