ALTAIR? What can we expect to see in 2024

What new and exciting things can we expect from Altair in 2024. Any quarterly plans? Where do we stand with Altair? Will the socials, Medium be updated? Will you be adding new members? What is the growth potential, marketing or alternative use cases, any NEW ideas? Will it stand on the same ground as Kusama?

Can’t wait to see. I have screenshots of deleted post. Let’s revisit quarter 2 of 2024

Good day @bi_09
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your questions.
As I know the OpenGov will be first deployed on Altair (if passed).
Also, I initiated some time ago the burning mechanism of tokens + activation of block rewards on the Altair chain.

Can you please share your ideas? How you would like to improve Altair or maybe to start something new on Altair. Feel free to share!

Kusama is a separate project in case if you have questions about Kusama please ask them on Kusama forum, thanks.

It`s really hard get your post deleted on this forum. In case if this happens I believe there are some strong reasons behind of this. Feel free to contact the moderator in order to ask what has happened with your post.

Thanks for you response; however, my questions remain unanswered.
Perhaps your “response” should be directed towards the team. ie, why is there is no traction, regular updates, growth, press, activity or communication?

Lending my KSM tokens was my idea and contribution. Elon is not asking me to come up with ideas for Tesla.

I only used Kusama as an illustration because of it’s success. I believed in the Altair project when I locked up my KSM for what 9 months–in order to investing the Altair team.

People will censor you if they don’t like what you have to say, they don’t agree or they don’t want to deal.

Rather than going on about this, let’s reconvene back in quarter 2 of 2024 and see where things are.

Good day @bi_09
Please note that I`m not part of the Team. I replied to you about what I know. You can find this information on the forum here - RFC: Altair Block Rewards Activation and Treasury Burning Proposal
Feel free to add your comments there, improvements or your suggestions. As I can see the proposal is still in the RFC phase.

As you already highlighted the Community (people) can interact with the protocol. The best way to improve the protocol → start contributing.

  • Do you have any ideas on how to improve the protocol?
  • What you would like to see new on Altair?
  • Do you participate in Governance with Altair Tokens?

Good and valid question. What is the sustainable future and “raisaon d’être” of Altair? Maybe team can give a answer?

Hi, see the FAQs linked below on the use case and relation to Centrifuge:

Thanks. But it has no real use case but for developers. Hodlers are having nothing to do with this. This was not perfectly explained at the very beginning. We could throw them into the bin and nobody cares. Or could you draw a picture if this will be useful in future outside the dev environment? ELI5 please :wink: