A great milestone for Altair governance

Since Altair won the slot in the Kusama auctions, we have achieved a lot of things, thanks to the community!

One of the most important things to highlight is the recent council election - AIR holders are able to bond their tokens to vote for the candidate(s) and the 9 candidates with the most votes (in terms of AIR) every week will get a seat in the council.

Right now, we are by far the project from all the Kusama parachains that has progressed the most in terms of establishing a council, voted on by the community! No other project has a turnout in voters that is even close and some are still in the progress of forming their council. This is a very big step in the right direction and what a decentralized, community driven project should look like!

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If we look at the number of contributors for Altair and Centrifuge in the Kusama and Polkadot auctions, respectively, it already shows what a strong community we have.

This is the current status of the council:

There is no reason not to vote for the council elections, but many reasons to do so.

  • you contribute to the decentralization of Altair
  • you get a say in the future of Altair
  • you don’t loose your AIR by voting

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You simply bond/lock your AIR for as long as you’re voting - whenever you want, you can unbond your tokens and there is no lock-up period! Anyone who has AIR in their wallet, can vote. To learn more about how to vote, check this post here.

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One of the next important upgrades in the Altair network is Runtime Upgrade 4 (removal of the Sudo Key and enabling AIR transfers). This will also be decided by governance voting and the more people that vote, the better.

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There will be official announcements of when this voting will happen so keep an eye here on Forum, Twitter, Discord or Telegram.

Together we have achieved many things in such short time, so I am very much looking forwards to continue this journey with everyone in 2022 and onwards.

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Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for the support!


Excellent. Governance voting definitely picking up pace :muscle: